The Super Mario Odyssey Review

Back in December 2017, my little brother’s birthday was almost two weeks apart from christmas, which basically means early Christmas for us. Since we are both avid gamers most of the games and consoles we get for Christmas, or any other occasion, we would normally share and play with together. That’s just how it works in our house. That said we were highly ecstatic to get the new Nintendo Switch along with its most popular game, SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY.  So many euphoric thoughts raced through the mind as we got this game.  

Firstly, let me just express some love for my parents for giving us this beloved early Christmas gift. Love you, mom and dad. Second, this is basically the new Super Mario Galaxy game we have all been waiting for even though it doesn’t exactly take place in space.  In fact, I’d like to call this game Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 ( it’s a working title but you get my point).  Anyways, in the game, you play as Mario and you are trekking through the earth to stop Bowser from marrying Princess Peach and you are using your ship that is powered by power moons that you need to collect throughout the kingdoms. By your side, you have your trusty magical talking hat, Cappy, who can help defeat enemies, guide your way through the various breath-taking kingdoms in the game and many more.   

I really just love how Bowser is literally a pimp in this game and if you’ve seen the game trailers, it does a good job mixing the Super Mario world with the real world. You have a kingdom that’s basically New York City, how awesome is that. Of course, the controls are easy to learn and the graphics, without question, are spectacular especially with new colorful characters, enemies and new puzzles to solve throughout the kingdoms. It also comes with two player assist mode where one player is Mario and the other is Cappy. Me and little brother tried out assist mode and it was really cool.  

The gameplay, of course, was addicting meaning I could not put the sitch down and my little brother, being a speedrunner, finished the game in like a week. I for one prefer to savor the game and enjoy it.This Super Mario Platformer is definitely a winner and a bigger success than all of its predecessors combined. I is a fresh new adventure with loads of surprises and just full on awesomeness. If I were to rate this game on a scale of one to ten using power moons, I would give it 500 power moons out of ten.

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