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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

Yessir! The newest Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo Switch is awesome. I just want you to quickly imagine that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim had a baby and then that baby grew up to its teenage years and started taking steroids. That’s basically what Breath of the Wild is and as weird as it sounds it is an accurate way to describe one of the best video games of 2017. If you have not played this game or do not have a Nintendo switch, I suggest getting both the switch and the game or finding a friend who has them because it is a massive game. Fun fact for all you hardcore Zelda fans, this game is meant to be taken place in the past, right after the very first Legend of Zelda game for the NES, in the Zelda timeline.

The story begins in the temple of resurrection where is our hero, Link wakes up from a 100-year slumber and he sets out to discover is the destiny of unlocking the four divine beasts to help Zelda destroy Calamity Ganon and save Hyrule. That’s right, CALAMITY GANON. When I first saw this I was like “wow that’s new”. but this isn’t even touching the surface because there are so cool surprises about this game. One them includes the voice acting especially for Zelda. Princess Zelda has always been wifey but after hearing her new British voice I fell in love all over again.

Saying that the graphics in this game are amazing is just barely shy of an understatement. Beautifully designed characters and breathtaking environments are just part of the spectacle that is Breath of the Wild. The gameplay, of course, is incredible. You have to explore, battle and work your way through certain obstacles to complete a bunch of quests and I mean a bunch of quests. One of my favorite parts of the game is are the Shrines where you complete a trial to gain a spirit orb which you can trade in for more hearts or stamina. My most favorite part of the game, however, is the combat styles. When I beat my first monster in the game with just tree stick the action and movement of combat were so captivating, I was like, “I love this game.”

It makes total sense why it took six years to make this game because there are just a lot of things to do with it that would take hours for me to list. You would honestly just have to play it yourself to truly experience it. This new Link adventure definitely deserves an award. I’m still playing it and it’s truly a type of video game with endless fun. I give it 10 triforces out of 5. Go out and get this game because it is worth it.

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