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Samson G Track Pro Microphone Review

If you are looking into purchasing a microphone (or any audio equipment in general) soon, for a podcast or just recording you are in luck. Samson may as well be one of the biggest leaders in professional sound recording. We recently did a review on the Samson Z55 Professional Headphones and if you haven’t already go check that one out. Samson makes high quality audio hardware for recording and are positioning themselves to be one of the bigger names in podcasting. I could not tell you how hyped we were when we first got our hands on one, to test out & review.

If you’re podcasting, making music or doing and recording in general, this outstanding microphone might be a good addition to your inventory. The Samson G Track Professional Microphone is first of all a USB microphone. Now These are becoming more and more common as the quality of these devices get better over time so it might get confusing which to choose. Depending on your audio needs or your studio you might prefer a microphone more compatible with a analog set up. That being said this mic is one of the best, is not the best mic we have tested; not only is it a great mic the with the, instrument input and mixer, it really makes itself easy to use. This mic feels at home in a small home set up as well as a big studio atmosphere. It is basically like having a professional sound studio all in one device.

Te construction of the mic itself feels very solid. The mic has some heft to it. It looks and feels like a high end professional microphone. The Body feels like its mad of some sort of metal alloy (die-cast zinc). It comes with a cool and handy desktop stand with you can use, or you can remove it from the stand in favor of a different stand, which you can pick up anywhere. All of the cables provided are of the best quality and they also give you tons of options in terms of use. The buttons all feel durable, while still easy to turn which is sometimes a concern. We beat up out mic as much as we could to see how durable it was in a real world environment and it passed with flying colors so with proper care this mic should last you a really long time.

The Samson G Track Pro weighs in at 1.7 kg and is compact with its simple design and plug and play connectivity. It has Dual 1 condenser capsules that captures audio at 96 kHz and also captures great detail in your voice and instrument. The ¼-inch instrument input, as mentioned before, is perfect for recording bass, guitar, keyboard and other line level devices and if you are pod casting you can easily add a sub mixer to hosts additional guests. The mono/ two track switch allows you to record the instrument and the microphone on the same track if you want to stream content or on separate tracks for post-production editing. And lastly, its stereo output and headphone amplifier gives zero-latency playback with direct monitoring mix controls and comes complete with a mute button silence input signals when needed.

If you are a musician, podcaster, gamer, or streamer and you are looking for an easy to use professional microphone, this is definitely the right mic for you. When we first unboxed it and tried it out ourselves, it felt phenomenal. The sound was amazing and setting it up didn’t even take that long. to be honest we might event start using the mic for some of our content & podcasts. Don’t get me wrong if you need super studio quality you might want to look at their other dynamic or condenser microphones (the MTR231 is an amazing alternative) but you really cant go wrong with this mic. To sum everything up this product is awesome; the Samson G Track Pro Microphone is a inexpensive & totally worthwhile investment. It Currently Retails for 149.99.

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