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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Father’s Day! We at CalixtechNews have handpicked some cool gadgets to help you guys figure out what to get for your pops this weekend. This is our official Father’s Day Gift Guide (June 2018). 

First up we have the Tile Mate. I know for a fact that my dad forgets his keys all the time and he’s even lost his phone one time. That is why Tile mate is perfect for Father’s day because of they’re small locating devices that help you find your, phone, keys, wallet, anything. They come in four packs and cost around $40 so you if haven’t lost your wallet yet I suggest getting this as a gift for your father.

Next is the Jabra Move Wireless Headphones.  We talk a lot about Jabra and their endless line of great quality sound products. The Jabra Move Wireless Headphones are awesome, fashionable headphones with a high-quality sound and an amazing battery life. You can play up to eight hours and have twelve hours of standby. Priced at $100, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can and if there are any sound or connectivity troubles the headphones come with an optional 3.5mm cable. Again, we talk about Jabra and their products and this is no exception. I wish I could expand more on this but all you need to know is that they are great headphones that deliver good sound and remarkable battery life. This is definitely deemed as a great Father’s day gift.

Our next gift on the list is the Garmin Spark Plus and it is magnificent for those family road trips. It comes with a built-in dash cam and you can stick in your car easily. The Spark plus is also equipped with Amazon Alexa and you can connect it your car stereo so you check traffic, activate Spotify, and of course get directions with no problem at all. The coolest part is being able to control your home devices straight from your car and you can play interactive games and trivia. It’s cool that Garman has teamed up with Amazon Alexa because they have produced a great product that is not only priced at around $180 but is highly qualified as a father’s day gadget.

Next is the Anker PowerCore Portable Charger. It has seven phone charges, two iPad charges and works with all devices. The Anker PowerCore portable charger has an ultra-high capacity and a high charging speed with PowerIQ all compacted in its Multi protect safety system. The whole thing weighs 12.5 ounces and costs roughly around $50 which is a good deal. This way your day won’t have road rage over a dead battery.

The next gift is a Virtual Archer and this possibly the best gift idea so far. It’s a small bow and arrow that helps you practice archery in virtual reality. It’s compatible with iPhones and Androids so all you have to do is slot your smartphone into the bow, make sure you download the archery game app and just shoot your way through hours of augmented reality gameplay. Practice your virtual archery skills outside or inside without the dangers of the arrows. As someone who likes archery this definitely one of my favorite gadgets. I’m honestly just going to buy this for myself and have a blast with it because it combines Archery smartphones and AR gaming, you can’t top this.

Next on our list is the Soundlink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker by Bose. Again another speaker that produces great sound and battery life, sixteen hours to be exact. This Bluetooth speaker is water resistant and has bumpers so it won’t break or short out when you drop it near the swimming pool next time you are barbequing. With the Siri or the Google Now app, voice activation is a snap. Call people on speakerphone is way more efficient and easier and can be accessed through the Bose Connect App. It is beautifully designed and costs $300 dollars but it is definitely worth it for Father’s Day if you want your dad to throw a real party when the next family BBQ rolls around.

And finally, we have the DJI Spark Drone. This is the cool flying gadget that is built with 12-megapixel camera drone that takes 1080p video. It is programmed with GPS, can automatically dodge obstacles and can “return to home” with the push of a button. The DJI spark comes with a controller but it can also be controlled with your smartphone. Normally drones are super expensive but this one costs $400 and ironically that’s pretty cheap. I mean come on, a cheap video shooting drone? This has to be on the list because it is definitely a great gift for not even for Father’s day but for birthdays and Christmas. I know I praised the virtual archer a bit but this may be the gift to end all gifts.

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