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Platform For Creatives By Creatives: Enter CEWEBITY

How do you currently consume content? How do you listen to Music and Podcast in particular? With an increasing amount of platforms to choose from, for your listening pleasure, it might seem like overkill. To the average consumer, there is little to no difference between these platforms. I’m sure most consumers are familiar with Apple Music, Tidel & Pandora. All decent platforms for listening to music, so what could anyone possibly offer that’s new? Enter CEWEBITY; a fresh concept in a space that itself isn’t that old.


CEWEBITY is a free streaming app, for both music & podcasts, and is built for independent musicians & podcasters. CEWEBITY allows its users to earn money per stream for uploading copyright-free original content. The way they accomplish this is through a partnership with fin-tech company MoCaFi and bi-monthly payments to prepaid MasterCards on the MoCaFi platform. Fans and users alike stream the podcasts & music from content creators, they refer to as “CEWEBITYS”. They also say that Content providers can also earn revenue from ads. A Streaming platform by and for content creators, with the aim to disrupt the music industry.

The internet has long been a global hub for creators to distribute their content worldwide and for free. The need to disrupt the way creatives distribute isn’t anything new; for years, the thinking has been that the music industry has been structured to be unfair to aspiring new musicians; “We want to destroy the middleman, the record labels & give the power and the tools directly to the artist…we want to evolve the DNA of the internet entrepreneur.”  says co-founder Scott McKenzie. The app was founded by Scott McKenzie, Vanessa Parra and Jameson Bennett who is also a digital consultant, speaker, and founder of the Party of Lincoln app.

Co-Founder Jameson Bennet Speaking

Co-Founder Jameson Bennett Speaking

The concept isn’t far off from platforms like Patreon & Steemit that create social economies within the platform. The founders of the app hope that this platform not only puts the power back in the hands of creatives but decentralizes the way music and content in general is distributed. Creatives often struggle with monitization, so if CEWEBITY delivers as promised it could be a dream come true for every musician looking to make a living off of their craft. With similar apps averaging millions of unique visitors monthly, its looking like this might be the new standard for independent streaming platforms.

Cewebity is currently available in the App Store for iOS devices.


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