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Aquio Water Bottle Speaker Review

Considering that it is the middle of the summer, now seems like a good time to talk about a cool gadget we discovered at CE WEEK 2018. CE WEEK was home for a lot of upcoming new tech products and gear (that will be reviewed in the near future). The first thing we saw when we excitedly entered the convention was a table for SDI Technologies. They are will known for their distributions of a broad range of consumer electronics that are both innovative and high in quality and they have worked alongside with other famous companies such as Timex and iHome. Now this company had a bunch of cool audio speakers on display but the one thing that caught our attention the most was of course the Aquio portable speaker water bottle. I am not kidding.

The Aquio is a water bottle that is also a portable speaker and we were awestruck. Not only is it powered by iHome audio but it is also the first ever double walled insulated bottle with an outstanding waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This sixteen ounce water bottle is completely reusable and wrapped in premium woven fabric. It is IP67 rated which means it is totally both waterproof and sand-proof. The Bluetooth speaker itself is detachable for easy cleaning which is important because you must remove the speaker before cleaning the bottle at all times. It has a carrying loop for portability, a rubber protective base and is magically designed to fit all cup holders which is pretty amazing. Not to mention that the insulated bottle lasts up to fourteen hours of hot temperature and twenty four hours of cold temperature.

The Bluetooth speaker alone has a rechargeable battery with up to six hours of wireless audio playtime. So you can take the Aquio anywhere and have the time of your life; at the beach, the poolside, the park, at a family barbecue. Everywhere you go people will be amazed at this portable speaker that you can drink water out of. This product was developed by a vast group of creative engineers who put themselves in the consumer’s minds and construct a gadget for that fashionable music lover with a green thumb who enjoys exploration and shining their own path.

Never have I ever imagined a water bottle that was also a Bluetooth speaker. I just could not comprehend the amazement and ridiculousness of such a cool invention. Again, SDI technologies has developed a lot of good products but the Aquio is basically there way of dropping the mic. This item retails for around $70 so if you looking for a new portable speaker and water bottle, funny enough, you can get the aquio portable speaker water bottle. I swear you can literally combine anything now a days. For more cool tech stuff don’t forget to click back to CalixTech News.

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