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Spiderman for the PS4: All you need to know!

With Avengers: Infinity Wars already out and Marvel confirming another Spiderman Movie on the way, now seems a good time to dive into the Game Award Nominee for the most anticipated video game. This is all you need to know about the new upcoming PS4 game, “Marvel’s Spider Man.” Marvel and Sony Entertainment have teamed up with Insomniac games, famous for their popular games, Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive and Spyro the Dragon (which is getting a reboot soon).

This new game was first announced at E3 back in 2016, about a month after Tom Holland made his first appearance as Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War. However, Marvel’s Spiderman is a standalone game that is not at all tied with past video games, the Marvel comics, or the cinematic universe. It is a fresh new take on the crime-fighting, web-slinging superhero that we all know and love. The story is set where Peter Parker is actually 23 years old, meaning he is definitely not a rookie anymore and the game just captivates Peter’s day to day life as he balances his job as a photographer and as a villain beating Spiderman. As the city is poisoned by the presence of a villain by the name of Mr. Negative, leader of the inner demons, it’s up to Spidey to save the day. But when he learns that Mr.Negative’s alter-ego is the head of all the homeless shelters in the city, one of which his Aunt May works at, it brings things down to a much deeper level. This story is very unique and gripping in a sense where it’s not the same old story but a brand new adventure with even bigger challenges.

A couple of cool things about the new Marvel game is the featured characters. Mary Jane, of course, is not only involved in this game but is also a playable character as you go on missions as an investigating reporter. How these missions will shape up throughout the story is still a mystery but creative director Bryan Intihar says “Mary Jane’s going to surprise a lot of people in this game.” Another cool cameo is Miles Morales who we all know is the younger spiderman from an alternate universe. There is no guarantee that he is a playable character in this game but anything as minimal as a Marvel easter egg is always fun for us.

Another cool aspect of this new game is the web-slinging mechanics. This was achieved before in the 2004 video game “Spiderman 2” based on the Spiderman films starring Tobey MaGuire. After chasing that crucial goldmine of a game mechanic it is now integrated into the new Spiderman game so now you can swing around New York City smoothly and swiftly. The Big Apple is now a giant playground for Spidey. Swinging through the City and utilizing the open world environment to find and take down bad guys will be awesome.

I would also like to call these new following features stylish ,if you will, as Peter Parker’s Career as a photographer and cool costumes has been assimilated into this game. With the new selfie mode, you can take professional pictures and selfies while you’re climbing up the Chrysler building, beating up bad guys in a construction zone or just chilling with a guy at a hot dog stand. It’s pretty cool. Not to mention the hundreds of costumes you can switch into with a whole closet of alternative costumes including a punk rock Spiderman outfit and a costume based on Tom Holland’s Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Infinity War. The best part is that it is all included in the game, meaning there are no micro-transactions or DLC. You won’t have to pay a dime which is rare in an open world video game nowadays.

After learning all this info I was just sitting like, “I need to get this game!” 
This whole collaboration between Insomniac Games, Marvel, and Sony is not only relatively lucky but it also appears to be a huge success. Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games, was deservedly excited to be working with Marvel on this project as he mentions that people who are Insomniac fans are also Marvel fans as well. It all sounds like a great new adventure with humongous action, a lot of danger, a heartwarming story, and all around good fun with our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Marvel’s Spiderman will be released on September 7th, 2018 and you can pre-order now. As always, don’t forget to check out more news in tech and gaming at CalixtechNews.

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