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GroundUp ~ A New Wave of Political Change

With the current political climate and all that is happening in the world, if you feel changes need to be made, know that you are not alone. Many people across the US are looking to push toward positive change, to help shift the culture that’s been cultivated over the last year under the current political administration. Ways to get involved to help invoke change primarily revolve around speaking out and getting involved in your local / state governments or making monetary donations.

Following the most recent presidential election, the need for more financial backing for other candidates was extremely evident. Through discovery and education, the realization came that those who voted for Trump did so, not necessarily because they completely supported him, nor thought him capable to do the job well but because they wanted a change from Obama. “I wanted to make an easy way for people to get involved and make a difference”, Jeremy Gottlieb, co-founder of Ground up,  told CalixTech News in a recent interview; Thus, GroundUp was born.

Company: GroundUp
Focus: 2018 elections and strengthening democratic presence in US Congress

Founded by Jeremy Gottlieb and Eli Stein, GroundUp is a platform designed to help make your voices heard. Although not ground-breaking tech, this is the first of its kind in purpose. GroundUp uses an innovative to create a simple, yet secure way for anyone to get involved. By rounding up your every-day, non-cash purchases, GroundUp donates to different democratic political campaigns on your behalf. When signing up, you have the choice of 32 swing districts. As stated on the GroundUp website, these districts are defined “as any race close enough for the Democratic candidate to win, taking into account factors such as polling data, campaign funding and district history.”

How It Works
The process to get started is simple and requires minimal effort on your part. First, you sign up on the GroundUp website, choosing one, some or all of the 32 swing districts presented. Then you enter your credit card information and GroundUp does the rest. Thereafter, the technology this company uses, rounds each purchase up to the nearest dollar. Once the change balance reaches $15, the money is automatically transferred to GroundUp, who evenly distributes the money directly to the campaigns of your choosing.

In recent news, GroundUp announced partnership with Flippable, together the two companies are looking aiming to use GroundUp’s technology and Flippable’s data-driven network to make the donation process easy and hassle-free for exactly the candidates that matter to you. Sharing the same mission of flipping Congress blue again, this partnership will help provide the option for more financial support to the democratic candidates moving into the December 2018 elections.

Aimed at gaining grassroots support, GroundUp is here to make strides in assisting to change the political climate as we know it and fight for the issues that matter and need to be changed. The work being done here is so important and as many people as possible need to get involved, if you want to help make “meaningful change with minimal effort!” (Jeremy G, founder)

For more information and to sign-up, click here for the GroundUp Website


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