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Samsung Galaxy Note9 Unveiling

On August 9th, Samsung announced the highly anticipated, new Galaxy Note9! As the most recent extension of the note series, the Note9 packs a number of unprecedented features to capture old and new fans alike! Samsung has upgraded the beautiful, sleek curvature design with additional accoutrements to add to the arsenal – the new S-Pen and smart camera. The Note9 will be available in two new colors: Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple and began pre-order on August 10th, with a full release on August 24th. Now let’s dive into a few of the new features…

| S Pen |

The new and improved S Pen is a huge attraction point of this swanky new device! Using BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy) technology, the S Pen now gives you the ability to take selfies / pictures, pause and play music, and so much more with just the click of the button. The pen takes only about 60 seconds to charge when sitting in the phone and is nestled neatly in it’s hideaway stow inside the phone.

Fun fact: the Ocean Blue phone has a yellow S Pen that writes in a vibrant yellow ink; whereas, the Lavender Purple phone has a purple pen and writes purple ink.

An intriguing new feature for the S Pen is the off-screen memo capability. Say you’re sitting in a meeting or on your commute home and you need to write something down in a quick moment as to not forget it… all you’d have to do is pop out the S Pen and the note-taking feature will automatically pop up for you, without having to unlock your phone or anything.

In addition, later this year, developers will have the opportunity to integrate the S Pen’s new BLE capability into their apps through Samsung’s SDK (software development kit). Meaning endless possibilities for the S Pen!

| Intelligent Camera |

Some game changing new features have been packed into the camera of the Note9 this time! Geared towards helping the novice photographer take Instagram worthy photos, the new intelligent camera on the Note9, takes the camera to an entirely other level with it’s scene optimizer, flew detection, and dual aperture lens.

The technology built into the camera’s optimizer detects a number of different elements within a photo and uses the information to classify the details into one of approximately 20 categories. From there, the software augments aspects like saturation, white balance, brightness and contrast pertaining to the pre-determined category, thus giving the image dynamic definition and a lifelike finish.

The flaw detection feature indicated to you if there is something wrong with your photo, in case you want to take another. It will notify you immediately if there is blurriness, a person in the photo blinked, if there’s smudging on the lens or the lighting is off. Additionally, this new and improved camera will come equipped with advance noise reduction, delivering a clear shot every time.

| Battery Life / Storage / Power |

If you’re looking for a phone with long lasting battery life – look no more! With a 4,000mAh battery, your new Galaxy Note9 should last you all day of use – talking, texting and entertainment all on one charge!

Available in two internal storage capacities: 128GB or 512GB, the Note9 comes with storage expandability up to 1TB via microSD, giving you confidence that with all the photos you’d be taking to get the perfect shot, you’d have someplace to store them all! Furthermore, loaded with a 10nm processor, the Note9 offers “support for some of the fastest network speeds available on the market”, Samsung states, to allow for seamless streaming and downloading without throttling or slowing down.

| Display |

For the last couple iterations, Samsung has provided it’s users with a screen experience unlike any other, and the Galaxy Note9 takes that to an entirely different level. It’s most dynamic design yet, the Note9 has the largest edge-to-edge display to date on this phone, coming in at 6.4-inches of Super AMOLED in the infinity display. The stunning display is accompanied by AKG tuned stereo speakers, that support Dolby Atmos.

Fun Fact: the Galaxy Note9 can be used more than a mobile device and offers connectivity and functionality to lend itself for a desktop-esque feel as well. Using the DeX soultion, unique to Samsung, you can connect the Note9 via HDMI adapter to an external monitor or pc and use it as a trackpad, a notepad for notes and second screen…… pretty snazzy!

| Pre-Order / Availability |

Pre-Orders begin: August 10th @ 12:01AM EDT

Launch Date: August 24th

Carriers: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Xfinity

Models Lineup / Pricing:

128GB – $999.99

Beginning 8/24 In store & online @ AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Xfinity

Additional carriers for later dates: Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Straight Talk Wireless, Target, Walmart, and the ShopSamsung app.

512GB – $1249.99

Beginning 8/24 at select retail locations & online @ AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular and

Additional carriers for later dates: Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Straight Talk Wireless, Target, Walmart, and the ShopSamsung app.

*** If you pre-order between August 10th and 23rd, you can choose between a pair of AKG noice-cancelling headphones (retail value: $299) or the Fortnite Galaxy skin w/ 15,000 v-bucks (retail value: $150) for free!!! You’d also have the option to get both for $99.***


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