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Let’s be honest. Most of us guys, don’t really pay too much attention to the beauty/health products that are on the market. If you ask us about the latest face scrub containing charcoal for extraction, ginseng for rejuvenation and some rare flower that we have never heard of, that makes you look 10 years younger, most of us will respond with no response. A lot of the time, either we  just don’t know where to start or just don’t care as much as we should about what we use on our skin.

However, I have a sister and girlfriend that loves the latest and greatest in beauty. From makeup, face masks, and moisturizers; they love it all. So, when I came across the brand Foreo at the last Pepcom, I had to find out what they were all about.

Foreo is a brand known for having innovative products to keep your skin not only looking, but also feeling amazing. At Pepcom, they were introducing people to one of their newest and coolest products, the UFO. Taking one look at the device, it immediately made me realize that we were now in the future of beauty/health. The design is sleek, modern and beautiful. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is also paired with sheet masks that claim to be fast acting, guaranteeing a clearer, calmer, and healthier-looking complexion. I had to find out if was true, so I picked one up for my girlfriend to try at home.

The UFO landed in my girlfriends hands and she was elated to say the least. She wanted to use it immediately. She ripped it out of the package and attached one of the circular sheet masks to the UFO. There are  several types of sheet masks that are compatible with the device, but brought her two to try: “Make My Day” the anti pollution, hydrating mask and, “Call it a Night” which contains olive oil and ginseng for rejuvenation (not a pun from earlier) and nourishment.

She used “Call it a Night” for the 90 second duration the UFO allows you before it turns off. It also lets you know how long to use it via the app that you can download on your phone. As she was gliding the mask along her face she noticed that the device was beginning to heat up.That’s because the UFO technology features a warming and a cooling mode. Thermo-Therapy allows the mask’s ingredients to penetrate in just seconds, while Cryo-Therapy helps with firming, lifting, and tightening the skin.

Immediately, after using the mask my girlfriend already felt a difference. After rubbing in the excess from the mask as directed, her skin looked moisturized and was smooth to the touch. She loved the fact that the process was so easy and in fact “fast-acting” like it claimed. She said “It’s like getting a facial whenever she wants.”

So what does it cost to have your own handheld, home facials whenever you want? For $279, you can have your own UFO and have the same glow as Beyonce! Ok, maybe not Beyonce, but close. It’s not cheap, however can you really put a price on healthy looking skin that you can get in 90 seconds, that is also safe for all skin types?

I would definitely recommend the UFO to anyone looking to get better results in their skincare regimen. Sidebar: Guys get this for your lady friend, they’ll thank you for it.

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