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Anker Soundcore Space NC Wireless Headphones Review

Have you ever wanted a pair of noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones, but when you saw the price point on them, you put the box right back down? I know I have, and I can’t be the only one. Noise cancelling headphones are the new essential for the travelling entrepreneur, gym addict, and even music producers. However, not everyone can afford the NC feature. Naturally, there have been brands that may have tried to do accomplish a good noise cancelling headphone for a better price point but, unfortunately they always came up a little short when it came to quality. Whether from the audio, the hardware or even the noise cancelling system itself. Thankfully, the people at Anker has developed a solid, cost effective, NC over-ear headphone.

Anker has provided us with  many other products such as portable projectors, portable batteries smartphone accessories, and even wireless earbuds. However, this is the first time that they went even further to develop a true wireless, Bluetooth enabled, Active Noise Cancelling headphone with Intuitive Touch Control. When I heard about these headphones, automatically i assumed the price point would be between $200-$300, but in true Anker style, anyone can purchase these bad boys for less than $100. That’s right! You can pick your jaw from off the ground now.

Not only are they extremely affordable, Anker did not sacrifice on quality. Obviously, the audio is  not going to directly compare to it’s more expensive competition, but the NC feature does a pretty good job for its price. You can still kind of hear the low and mid ranges come through the headphones in a crowded room but it’s manageable. They feel really comfortable when wearing them and sound really good when playing music.

As far as aesthetics, they look really generic, with a silver and black colorway. There are no spectacular bells and whistles to them, other than being able to be collapsable; however, that seems to be standard when looking at any other over-ear headphone on the market now.

The most impressive thing about these headphones is its battery life. They market them to have a 50 hour battery life on one charge. I’m not sure if that’s with continuous use or not. I didn’t like that it uses micro-USB in order to charge the battery. It just seems to be a bit antiquated.

Ultimately, I would recommend the Anker Space NC to anyone looking for a decent pair of traveling headphones for a really good price. If you’re looking for the best NC headphones I wouldn’t go this route; but if you’re just looking for good audio quality with some NC power then, yes!  I personally loved the feel of them and love the price even more ($99). You just can’t beat that. I plan on adding these into my traveling essentials for the next few months.


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