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Valve has removed over 1000 games from Steam due to abuse

In the past few hours, the eagle-eyed gamers have been envisioning the unusual activity on the Steam store. Every gamer is aware of the Steam store and how it’s a home to over 30,000 games. Valve has removed over 1000 games from Steam. Some players are calling it a system glitch, but we know that cannot be true. Steam had been a house to these games for years, and nothing similar has happened at this scale before.

There is multiple news circulating around ranging from the sketchy content in the games to compelled issues. Some of the famous games, including Glasswinged Ascension, Mind Trap, Electric Highways, and Masha Rescues Grandma, have been taken off the platform. The real talk arises when the absence of mainstreaming is depicted. On Steam, there is always something to pass by, and we must say, these games had nothing of such matters. In other words, there was nothing out of the line in these games.  Up till now, 1000 games have been removed, resonating more of an odd picture.

Now, Valve is the real power behind this gaming massacre (which we must say is a significant drop!) In the past, they have removed several games subjected on low-efforts, porn masquerading, and the famous “meme masquerading.” But this time, the issue is a bit different as Valve has released a statement telling the real reason. According to Valve, “plenty of partners have been misusing the features and tools available on Steamworks, which resulted in the game-massacre of the year.”

Idalgame from Indie Studio was removed as well, and the reason for that lied in the non-valued selling of the game bundles to the potential gamers through Steamworks. According to Idalgame, they didn’t misuse the territory and are still waiting for their reversion on the platform. However, the reply from Steam was pretty discouraging as they wrote, “we are retracting your access to the platform as we do not find ourselves interested in distributing your game on our platform anymore.”

The issue is colossal, and the developers have been eyeing their operations to stay on the safer side, but you never know!


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