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Senstroke Launches First Connected Drum kit in US

Redison has recently launched Senstroke, the first connected system for drummers of all skill levels, in the US. Redison, the french start up that created the Senstroke system, is dedicated to facilitating access to and the practice of music. Senstroke is the only connected technology for drummers on the market today that can reproduce movements, the impact of drumsticks and a drummer’s footwork identically.A system designed for all levels of expertise, Senstroke makes it easy for anyone to practice their drumming skills while on the move, on any surface or object.

The product of a massively successful fundraising (just short of 1 Million dollars), Senstroke patented technology uses sensors that work through a Bluetooth connection to most smartphones or tablets. In addition to the sensory kit, users have the option to add on Senstroke’s rubber practice pads and gain the additional benefit of a superior quality of rebound and a significant noise reduction. Redison also makes available the free Senstroke App (iOS and Android) to all users; the app has been upgraded to include several new features including interactive lessons.

“Our introduction of the technology in France just three years ago proved to be an amazing success,” said Jérôme Dron, Founder and CEO of Redison. “We were able to create a system that appeals to all age and skill levels of drummers and music lovers. Senstroke allows us to share the art of drumming in a new way, opening doors for people to test and build their skills,and offering a convenient portable tool for even the most seasoned musicians to practice on the go.


Once the playing zone is defined, the patented sensors are connected to the mobile app & each touch is transformed into a MIDI note and real drums’ sounds are created instantly through the smartphone or tablet and any computer-based music software. Senstroke’s technology allows the user to play the drums on any surface from digital practice pads to real drums, cushions, books or tables… whatever or where ever is available.

Senstroke allows users to not only set up their own portable drum kit and save and load presets (drums parts elements and position), but also save and listen to the sessions
and then share them through Facebook, email or computer with MIDI files.

The price for Senstroke starts at $175. For more information visit: SENSTROKE

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