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Ron Morris

Columnist @PajamaGamerCT

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming game that will potentially dominated change the RPG genre. The game, currently being developed by CD Projekt RED, the...


The PC release of Syberia 3 is one to be hailed as a great release to a fledgling entry into the now sparse genre...


Resident Evil 7 looks to be the Resident Evil series of old. In a move that is surely going to please those who were sorely...


Up-scaling and picture quality enhancing devices have enjoyed a recent surge of popularity as televisions begin to move onto the 4K standard, but consumers...


After 12 years of waiting, we finally have the next installment of the Doom franchise, appropriately titled DOOM. As you would expect, this is...


The Overwatch open beta has come and gone, but it was an absolute blast. With Blizzard finally making good on their promise to deliver...

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